Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage provides a healing and very effective experience to the recipient. The hot stones expand the blood vessels which in turn encourage blood flow through the body which helps warm up the muscles quicker making them softer to work on and benefit from a deeper non evasive massage.

A combination of hot & cold stones can be used and are proven to be a beneficial treatment for those suffering from chronic  pain as it works the muscles quicker by heat transference  therefore reducing the amount of pressure being used in the massage

Hot stones have a sedative effect which in turn can help with certain conditions as mentioned above and can help Reduce Stress and promote Deep Relaxation.  It can also help with the conditions fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis depending on the severity of the condition.

All in all it is a very good treatment to have as promotes a feeling of well being and total relaxation so you feel that you are floating away ready for your day ahead.

Indian Head Massage

There are many benefits from an Indian Head Massage treatment and the therapeutic effects are found to last long after the treatment is over. The short and long term benefits are individual, varied and cumulative and can lead to a greater feeling of self awareness, which often brings the additional benefits of a change to a healthier life style.
Every Tuesday from 9am

1 hour Hot Stone Massage
Single treatment: £50

30 minutes Hot Stone Massage
Single treatment: £35

1 hour Indian Head Message
Single treatment: £50

30 minutes Indian Head Message
Single treatment: £35

1  hour Reflexology
Single treatment: £35

What To Expect During Treatment
Body will feel totally relaxed
Feeling of inner peace and calm
Tired or alert – depending on type of massage given
Possibility of falling asleep during treatment